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Hee-Jung Scholarship foundation was established in 1986 with the cooperation of Colonel Kim Hee-Kwon, Mrs. Park Keum-Jung, her bereaved family members, and current members of Yang-Sil Foundation. The purpose of the Hee-Jung Foundation is to provide scholarships to students who have difficult family circumstances but are conscientious students and are living faithfully in God.


February 1986: Started as Scholarship Foundation
February 1987: Changed the name to Scholarship Foundation
February 1993 ~ present: Changed the name to Scholarship Foundation


Scholarship business


High school, college, and graduate Students who live in Gwang-Ju city and are willing to study but are unable to continue their studies due to economic difficulties


  • Scholarship student selection and scholarship award
  • Supporting national and international missions activities
  • Separate support for international students and theology students
  • Raising donations and establishing a scholarship students network for scholarship projects