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It is a legal aid organization that provides legal services free of charge to people who are struggling due to economic difficulties or unawareness of law. The center provides home counseling, legal counseling and education prevention projects to provide clients and local residents To help them solve their problems and help them to grow and to find ways to make 'a home for love community', so as to realize a democratic and healthy family through gender equality and marital equality in the home.


November 8, 1983 - Present


Legal aid business


The public or crisis families who need the legal aid


Legal Counseling Free legal advice for all legal issues including housework, civil and criminal cases
Reconciliation Reconciliation to parties as the first way to resolve conflict
Free writing free to write simple litigation documents for those who have difficulties
Lawsuits aid Provide Lawsuit aid for people who need to file lawsuits
Regular lectures Life law lectures, lectures for divorced or bereaved women helping to stand alone, grandmother grandfather school, marriage preparation class, remarriage preparation classroom
Open workshop workshops to solve married couple’s conflict
Professional education Family law professional counselor Education, counselor training
Publicity & Publishing
Publish periodicals, booklets, etc. to promote mass media, local newspapers, and websites
  • 주소 : 서울시 중구 신당2동 402-9
  • Homepage : http://familyaid.or.kr
  • TEL : 02) 2238-6221 / FAX : 02) 2236-3076