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The history of Yang-Sil community churches began in 1957, when Mrs. Cha Young-Eun had begun prayer meetings with lay women, until she passed away in 1967. The prayer meetings that had encouraged women to practice in their daily lives in search of God's will were the beginning and the root of the church.

Thereafter, the establishment of a structural church was needed with changing society, changing generations, and for establishing young children’s identity of faith. In June 2002, the church was established under the name of "Yang-Sil Community Church." The laity of the prayer groups that have been together in the past have been continued on the life of faith in Christ. As a laity, the whole church is operated by a committee of churches, which is not by a church conference.

In the future, this church hopes for the kingdom of God until the day when Jesus Christ will come again, based on establishing the laity to be God's people according to his will.