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Hello, This is Young-Ok Kim, the chairwomen of Yang-Sil Foundation.

The Yang-Sil Foundation was started with a group of mothers of prayers and their services as a life of obedience to God. Then, as they realize the home that is the basis of social life should be the one practices love, the foundation was set up with the motto of "a home as a community of love." I hope that the next generations who will lead the future have a strong faith and will be able to live their lives with the motto of Yang-Sil Foundation, remembering the seniors of the faith who showed the figure of sacrifice and devotion to come to the present. The Yang-Sil Foundation will strive to become a place of mission for practicing 'loving God and loving neighbors' through our institutions, and will lead the foundation with the humility and love that value a life. Thank you for your love and prayers.

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